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Delirium Superhero Quiz

What kind of Delirium Superhero are you?

Question 1: An 81 year old lady arrives to the ED with her husband following a fall. She is stable but febrile and sleepy. What is the first thing you want to do?

Engage husband early to understand history and background
Ensure patient has hearing aids, glasses, and pain is addressed

Question 2: To you, which intervention is most helpful when caring for a patient with hyperactive delirium?

Engaging family to assist with care and bringing in familiar items from home
Educating your colleagues about avoiding restraints and the importance of non-pharmacological approaches

Question 3: An 85 year old widowed man with known dementia is admitted with pneumonia from a nursing home at 1pm. He is disoriented, distractible and fidgeting with his nasal prongs. After stabilizing him medically, what is your next step?

Gently explain that he needs the oxygen for his pneumonia. Draw the blinds so that he can get some rest.
Complete a thorough examination and then call the nursing home to find out his baseline function and history of presenting symptoms.

Question 4: What do you find most satisfying when you care for patients with delirium?

Remembering to screen for delirium when admitting a patient at risk.
Noticing the positive effects of engaging families in delirium care - both for the patient and their family.

Question 5: A 35 year old male was intubated and admitted to ICU after a severe motor vehicle accident. He is sedated with a benzodiazepine. He becomes agitated with decreased sedation. His wife is at the bedside and is very worried. Would you:

Suggest switching sedation to dexmedetomidine.
Educate the wife on delirium symptoms and how she can help to reduce his distress through touch and voice.