Understanding Delirium

In order for patients to receive adequate care, providers and families alike must understand the warning signs and know how to manage symptoms.

Delirium Overview

What is it?

Delirium Defined

Delirium Causes

Who Delirium Affects

Delirium Prevalence

Delirium vs. Dementia

Why care?

Delirium has lasting consequences not only for the patient, but also their loved ones.

Delirium Types 

Delirium Diagnosis


How is it identified?

Impact of Medications

Understanding Collateral History

Doctors and Nurses 

So how can we help patients?

How we can help patients:


Identifying the underlying causes of delirium and treating them quickly can help mitigate the length and severity of delirious episodes. 

How we can help patients:


Preventative measures decrease the chances that patients will suffer terrifying bouts of delirium that could result in the need for long-term care.